Great Day Trips – The Milwaukee Art Museum

Once the weather warms up here’s a great idea for a day trip that is only a few hours from the Quad Cities.  We visited the Milwaukee Art Museum a couple years ago and really enjoyed it.

The museum is located on Lincoln Memorial Drive at Michigan Street on the shores of Lake Michigan in Downtown Milwaukee.  The museum has a very striking appearance, both inside and out.

Milwaukee Art Museum-Exterior View-Photo By Tim Schaver

Milwaukee Art Museum-Exterior View-Photo By Tim Schaver

The exterior features a sail or wing-like sunscreen that can open and close.  Unprecedented in American architecture, the Burke Brise Soleil, is a moveable, wing-like sunscreen that rests on top of the Museum’s vaulted, glass-enclosed Windhover Hall. The “wings” open Tuesday-Sunday at 10 a.m. with the Museum, close/reopen at noon, and close again with the Museum at 5 p.m.; except on Thursdays when the Museum closes at 8 p.m. This schedule is, however, subject to change without advance notice due to weather, special events, or maintenance.

Photo By Tim Schaver

Photo By Tim Schaver

While the Burke Brise Soleil has a wingspan comparable to that of a Boeing 747-400, its two ultrasonic wind sensors automatically close the wings if the wind speed reaches 23 mph or greater.

The reception hall of the museum is just as interesting as the exterior. Awash in white with exquisite marble flooring, this magnificent light-filled grand reception hall boasts a 90-foot-high glass ceiling located directly below the Burke Brise Soleil and serves as the gateway to the Museum. The site of exhibition openings, brunches, weddings, and art fairs, among other special events, Windhover Hall-whose lake side is often compared to the prow of a ship-is open to the public without charge during regular Museum hours.

Windhover Hall Interior - Photo By Tim Schaver

Windhover Hall Interior - Photo By Tim Schaver

If the building itself wasn’t enough, of course, there’s the art!  For information on exhibits and a calendar of events please visit the museum’s web site.  And if you wish to make your adventure more than a day trip we are always happy to help you with the travel and lodging arrangements.   Book online or call me and I can do all the work for you.

Enjoy life!  Travel more!

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