Saying good-bye to a shade tree

For the entire 20 years we have owned our home we have enjoyed the shade provided by a large ash tree on the southwest side of the house.  Because of that tree we were able to sit comfortably on our deck on the warmest days of summer.

The old tree in its last hour

The old tree in its last hour

The surgery begins

The surgery begins

A few years ago we noticed that the trunk of that big old tree was starting to rot.  Unfortunately it was rotting on the side directly facing our house.  Each year the bottom of the trunk became noticeably smaller and it appeared that the old shade tree had become a major liability.  It was time to say good bye.

And so this morning the big trucks and chain saws arrived.  The crews worked swiftly and efficiently, and in just a few hours the job was completed.  No more worries during windy days or ice storms; just a higher air conditioning bill to look forward to.  It’s time to go shopping for a fast growing shade tree!

Looks a little bare

Adventures in landscaping!

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