Office Renovation, Pink Watercloset Is No More

Pink toilet

Pink throne competes heavily with red countertop!

At long last we are beginning the much anticipated renovation of Black Tie’s consultation room and rest room facilities.  Those visitors who have had the opportunity to use our office restroom have long been confronted with quite possibly the world’s most dysfunctional, hideous and unattractive bathroom facility.  And that was even after Robin covered up the bright red wallpaper with a more urban design after we moved in. 

The first feature which captured everyone’s attention was the bright red, and I do mean BRIGHT RED, countertop and sink bowl.  You might say this fixture really “popped”, in home decorating terms.  This arrangement was nicely complimented by the Perfectly Pink shower and toilet bowl.  Deteriorating ceiling tiles and warped vanity doors were  great accent pieces.  The entire space was surrounded by thick concrete block walls, thus shrinking the total bathroom down to a size just big enough to turn around in.  It was definitely time for an improvement. 

Red Vanity

Fire Engine Red vanity and bowl scream for attention.

Phase 1 of our office renovation involves a heavy duty demolition project.  Everything must go, including fixtures, floor coverings, ceilings, plumbing and the dreaded concrete block walls.  It has begun.  Over the next few weeks it will be my pleasure to document the messy and painful process which will lead to a beautiful new bathroom and eventually a spruced up consultation room as well.  Let the fun begin!

Let the demolition begin!

Where red vanity and sink were….now gone!

Area completely gutted. Block walls gone. New water heater installed. A blank canvas ready to be painted on!


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