The Seamless Wedding Reception – Part One

Some of the best wedding receptions I can remember over the last 27 years of being a “Wedding DJ” all seemed to have one thing in common. Not only did guests have fun and celebrate, but more importantly, the event flowed seamlessly from one moment to the next. The very best wedding receptions were always the ones at which time seemed to pass by very quickly. One moment people were walking into a beautifully decorated banquet room, and seemingly in the blink of an eye the event was over. But although the perception of the passing time was short, the reality was that the time was surprisingly loaded with a lifetime of unforgettable moments.

This type of event does not happen by accident. It takes months of meticulous planning to create this type of wedding reception. As a contrast, events that are poorly planned seem to drag on forever with very little memories left in the guests’ minds.

Some people have a knack for planning details and others would prefer that those details be left to someone else. Those who are skilled at planning would all probably admit that they rely on some type of tool to assist them. The numbers of little details that go into a great wedding reception are simply far too overwhelming to keep track of without help.

Almost all of our brides take advantage of the planning session that Black Tie offers as an integral part of their wedding package. Many of those brides arrive at that session armed with some type of aid, whether it is one of those big bridal planner binders with all the special pages and pockets, a professional wedding planner, a laptop with a complicated spreadsheet, or quite possibly the ultimate planning tool – the Mother of the Bride.

In any event, those who are serious about planning usually have the greatest chance of staging one of those great wedding receptions where the time flies by and people talk about it for years to come.

A few days ago I was reminded of the useful online planning tools that we offer all of our clients when I received an email from one of our Spring Brides. She wrote, “I can’t say enough about your website. The checklist (planning) has been awesome and I love the music suggestions and such. Thanks so much”, from Kasey Ciccarone. Thank you for the compliment Kasey!

In the coming months I will offer a short series of articles on the art and science of “seamlessly flowing” and “memory loaded” Wedding Receptions based on my experiences and best memories of the last couple decades. I will use a few examples of previous events and also offer some samplings of the online planning tools we provide our clients.

In the meantime we will be looking forward to another year of very happy memories!


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