What I Like About Winter

I’ll be the first to admit that this Winter has been pretty brutal here in the Midwest.  Winter seems to get longer, colder and snowier as I get older and Robin & I look forward to becoming Florida “snowbirds” just as soon as we are able to do so.

The one thing we will then miss are the fun days we have spent on the local ski slopes.  Of course, we don’t have real mountains here in the Midwest but it’s just as much fun just taking a day trip to either Sundown Mountain in Dubuque Iowa or Chestnut Mountain in Galena Illinois.

Both areas have their own unique character and are distinctively different from each other, even though only a half hour drive separates them.  As the end of the brutal winter of 2010-2011 approaches I thought I would share just a few shots from our recent trips.

Sunset at Sundown Mountain in Dubuque

Our friends Rick and Susan with Robin at Chestnut Mountain last winter

Robin (on the left) getting ready to head down Chestnut Mountain

A shot I took just before a run at Sundown Mountain

Robin's 18 year old ski boot shatters. No one hurt. Resulted in a trip to the rental shop.

Robin on Andrews Hill at Sundown Mountain

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