The Seamless Wedding Reception – Live In The Moment

Webster’s dictionary furnishes two definitions for the word “seamless”.  The first definition is “having no seams”, typically used in the context of seamless siding, seamless gutters, seamless countertops; you get the idea.   A house with seamless siding looks better than one with seamed siding.  Seamless gutters are better than regular gutters because a seam will provide a weak spot and a potential for a leak.  Seamless is most always better.

The second definition for seamless is “having no awkward transitions, interruptions or indications of disparity”.  This is the definition we are interested in.  This will translate to “fun”!

Last month in part 1 we talked about how an event loaded with memories and fun moments will seem to be shorter, time-wise, than a boring event.  Time will pass quickly but people will later recall that a lot of fun things happened in that time.

In this month’s article we will discuss a basic step towards staging an amazing, seamless wedding reception.

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For the wedding reception experience to be fun for the guests it must first and foremost be fun for the couple.  A bride and groom, along with their wedding party, will set the tone for the evening.  If the wedding party does not engage in the fun-making, neither will the guests.   

The planning of a wedding reception involves an investment of time and energy.  Naturally, any couple wants it to be perfect.  But arriving at the event with the mind still geared towards planning can stifle the brain’s ability to enjoy the moment.   

Here is one tip that helps to keep the couple focused on “living in the moment” during the week leading up to the wedding: Don’t check the wedding day weather forecast.  The couple can designate someone to anticipate any weather related issues and then they won’t have to think about it from that point on.  The event will still happen no matter what the weather conditions.  I have never known anyone who could plan the weather for a particular day. 

Couples who started planning their wedding early, stayed on top of the details along the way and then focused on living in the moment during the home stretch generally are those who have had the most fun at their wedding reception.

A couple that enjoys their big day will remember more of it.  Their enjoyment will spread to the wedding party and ultimately to the wedding guests, who in turn will naturally create more fun moments to remember.  What could be better!

Next month we will discuss how to decide on the ideal length of time for your seamless wedding reception.  Let the fun begin!

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