Themed Wedding Receptions–Success Stories

So you’re planning a wedding reception! You want everyone to remember your big day forever.  Why not stamp your personal signature on your once-in-a-lifetime event through the use of a distinctive theme?  You may want to showcase a particular interest of yours, or maybe a vacation or honeymoon destination that really appealed to you. The sky is the limit when it comes to wedding themes!

Why use a theme?  Simple.  A theme sets your wedding apart and gives your guests something visually powerful to help them remember it for years to come.  And it gives you the opportunity to let your creativity shine through!

So let’s take a look at four ideas from our past clients that I thought were extremely successful, and more importantly, created vivid memories. 

Kelly and Justin Diercks got married in August of 2007.  Their Davenport River Center reception featured a garden theme.  On a scale from 1 to 10 they took their theme to an 11!  Their 420 guests enjoyed a grand selection of gardens, some of which could be walked through, and all of which were beautiful!

Landscaped Wedding Reception

Landscaped Wedding Reception

Johnson Diercks Wedding 024 resized

Landscaped Wedding Reception

Johnson Diercks Wedding 009

Landscaped Wedding Reception

Landscaped Wedding Reception

Marilee and Michael Godsil selected a Hawaiian theme for their Galesburg wedding reception in June of 2007.  From décor to attire to catering, their wedding reception made you feel as though you were on the islands!

Hawaii Wedding Reception

Hawaii Wedding Reception

Hawaii Wedding Reception

Authentic Hawaii Food for Wedding Reception

Theresa and Tom Hull’s January 2011 wedding reception guests will never forget the Disney Cinderella experience that Theresa and Tom created for them.  Music and décor was carefully selected to complete the Cinderella theme.

Cinderelly Wedding Reception

Cinderella Wedding Reception

And the best theme award goes to Jessica and Salomon Andrade, who got married in the dead of Winter 2007.  Jessica chose to create an ice castle theme for her wedding reception.  Her reception hall was decorated with artificial icicles strategically hanging from the ceiling.  To complete the effect she selected an arctic white fur parka to wear for a portion of the evening, along with arctic white polar boots trimmed in white fur. 

She could not have imagined that on her wedding day a massive ice storm would shroud the area with a thick sheet of ice just before the reception.  Not only that, but the storm rendered the reception hall powerless.  It was dark and it was cold.  But with the use of a generator, we were able to provide some great ambient light from our dance floor lights which enhanced the ice effect.  We had music, we had food and we had dancing and fun!   Jessica was able to wear her arctic parka and boots the entire evening, as it was so cold in the reception hall.  People danced to stay warm.  And it was the best wedding reception ever!

Strangely enough I cannot find the photos of this event anywhere on my computer.  They’re gone.  Kaput.  But it doesn’t matter.  It further serves to illustrate my point that a great theme makes your wedding reception unforgettable.  While I used photos from the other events to help write this article, I had no photos from the “Ice Wedding”.  But the images from the event are vividly etched in my mind forever.  If a great theme can help your wedding DJ remember your wedding, imagine how much better you and your guests will remember it!

So be bold!  Find a theme and use it!  Create an event that will live forever in your memories!  For more photos and themes please visit our Facebook site under Seamless Wedding Reception series.

Jaynie and A.J. September 17 2011

Wow, what a party that Jaynie Covemaker and A.J. Orendorff threw for 330 of their closest friends and family!  Jaynie and A.J. tied the knot at 4:00 PM at St. Johns United Methodist church on 9/17/11 and celebrated in a big, big way immediately after the ceremony.

The new bride and groom arrived at spacious, yet elegant Mississippi Hall at the Davenport River Center and found a highly energized crowd awaiting their arrival.  Jaynie and AJ’s wedding party entered the room to a Black Tie custom edited version of “Party Rock Anthem”.  The crowd roared their approval when the newly-wed couple entered to “My First, My Last, My Everything” by Barry White.

20110917 Covemaker 049


The wedding party included:

Ushers – Vinny Polito, Nick Passini

Bridesmaids – Ashley Hennel, Kirby Vyncke, Liz Nino, Amy Orendorff, Mary-Kate Polito, Shayla Leibovitz and Ryanne Covemaker.

Groomsmen – Mike Nance, Kevin Kluck, Shane Ross, DJ Covemaker, Peter Polito, Kyle Covemaker and Eric McLaughlin.

Maid of Honor – Shelley McLaughlin

Best Man – Sean Shannon

Flower Girl – Adysen McLaughlin

Ring Bearer – Nolan McLaughlin

This was one of the more fun-loving groups of the year!


20110917 Covemaker 042

The couple performed their first dance together immediately upon entering the room to “Like Red On A Rose” by Alan Jackson, and then made the ceremonial first cut on their beautiful wedding cake.


20110917 Covemaker 146

There were lots of kids present, and they had a great play area to enjoy!

20110917 Covemaker 011

Elegant canopy and lighting furnished by River Center:

20110917 Covemaker 015

Note how our sound and light system blends in unobtrusively on either side of the head table.

20110917 Covemaker 032

Flowers and arrangements by Clazzy Designs made the room look strikingly beautiful:


20110917 Covemaker 138


20110917 Covemaker 079


20110917 Covemaker 033

The dinner buffet featured Boneless Pork Loin, Roast Sirloin of Beef, Garden Rice Blend, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Corn and Fresh Asparagus.  The cake flavors were White, Chocolate, Raspberry Swirl, Strawberry and Carrot.  The guests raved about the food!

20110917 Covemaker 142

Speeches and toasts were given by Sean Shannon, Shelley McLaughlin and the Bride and Groom:

20110917 Covemaker 159

Bouquet toss:

20110917 Covemaker 075

Garter toss:

20110917 Covemaker 081

Be sure to visit our Facebook wall for more pictures of the dance floor which was packed for the duration of the evening:

20110917 Covemaker 100



20110917 Covemaker 174

Wedding professionals who played a role in Jaynie and AJ’s big day included:

Radisson QC Plaza

The River Center


David’s Bridal

Celebration Bridal

Karen Tate (wedding cake)

Johannes Bus

Creative Wedding Package

Clazzy Designs

St. Johns United Methodist Church

Black Tie Entertainment


20110917 Covemaker 190

Thank you Jaynie and A.J. for inviting us to help you celebrate your super special occasion.  We wish you all the best in your new life together!

Jaycees Bridal Show-Saturday January 29,2011

We are looking forward to seeing many familiar faces at the annual Jaycees Bridal Expo this Saturday at the Davenport River Center!  The Jaycees Bridal Expo is the larges bridal show in the area, featuring almost 130 vendors. 

Please stop by our booth to say Hello!  You can find Black Tie Entertainment’s booth on the first aisle on the right as you enter the show.  Our booth is conveniently located towards the front. 

Jaycees Bridal Show

We will be featuring a bridal show special and we look forward to seeing you there!

Park Board Daddy/Daughter Dance

Once again this year the Dads and Daughters who attended the annual Davenport Park Board Daddy/Daughter dance on February 15, 2009 had a great time!  Last year the event was moved to the Davenport River Center in order to accommodate the increasing popularity of the event.  This year featured a buffet meal catered by Golick’s Meat Market in Davenport.  Food selections included ham, chicken, scalloped potatoes, mac and cheese, a fluffy fruit salad, and of course, cake for dessert.  Those in attendance had the opportunity to sit for a formal picture, make a bracelet and keychain at the craft table and sign up for some great prizes.

At 6:20 pm it was obvious that many of the young ladies were ready to “cut a rug”.  We opened the dance floor by lining everyone up and then began with the “Cha-Cha Slide”.  This year we focused on playing more recent music than in past years.  The young ladies were not shy about requesting music, the most popular requests being music from “High School Musical” and “Love Story” by Taylor Swift.  I also honored requests for the old stand-by’s such as the Chicken Dance and The Macarena.  The Dads enjoyed twisting to the Beatles and Chubby Checker.

Nothing is more fun than a date with Dad!

Nothing is more fun than a date with Dad!

At the end of the evening I asked the young ladies to teach their fathers the motions to “Crank That” by Soulja Boy at home, so that the Dads could join in next year.  Hats off to the Davenport Park Board for staging another family friendly event!  One more reason it’s great to live in the Quad Cities!

Keep up with us, Dad!

Keep up with us, Dad!

Here is this year’s play list of the music the Dads and Daughters enjoyed during the night:

Mr C Cha Cha Slide Main Mix
Rihanna Disturbia
Jonas Brothers Burnin’ Up
Los Del Rio Macarena
Chubby Checker The Twist
Taylor Swift Our Song
Hannah Montana Rock Star
Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock
Aqua Barbie Girl
Shania Twain Man! I Feel Like A Woman!
Rihanna Dont Stop The Music
Trace Adkins Then They Do
The Temptations My Girl
Ray Anthony The Bunny Hop
High School Musical Cast High School Musical
High School Musical Cast I Want It All
The Beatles Twist And Shout
Baha Men Who Let The Dogs Out
Bee Gees Stayin’ Alive
Break for Prize Giveaway

Taylor Swift

Love Story
Cupid Cupid Shuffle
DJ’s Choice The Chicken Dance
High School Musical Cast The Boys Are Back
The Beatles I Saw Her Standing There
Rednex Cotton Eye Joe
Ray Anthony The Hokey Pokey
Soulja Boy Crank That
The Four Tops Sugar Pie Honey Bunch