A Years Worth of Wedding Cake

One of the best perks of being a Wedding DJ is the frequent close encounters with the slice of the food pyramid known as “Wedding Cake”.  This article is totally devoted to my 2012 exposure to the delicious and artistic treats.

I try to photograph the wedding cake at each and every wedding reception, primarily because the wedding cake is considered one of the centerpieces of the event, worthy of honor.  I know how much the cake means to the bride, and how much effort and expense goes into the selection, procurement and display of the perfect cake.  Each wedding cake is an original; intended to mirror some aspect of the wedding itself, whether it be the décor of the event, attire of the wedding party or personality of the bride.  Grooms, likewise, sometimes have a cake unto themselves, which is solely intended to reflect the occupation or preoccupation of the groom.

If you have any questions or want the name of the creator of any of the below cakes please feel free to leave a comment at the end and I will be happy to furnish the details.

So here, displayed in all their glory, are some of the wedding cakes of our 2012 wedding season.  Enjoy!

2012-03-10 Snyder Wedding Waterfront 001

The above cupcakes go with the cake below.  The theme of this reception was peacock!

2012-03-10 Snyder Wedding Waterfront 009

2012-03-24 Wood-Youngren Wedding 007

2012-04-21 Daufeldt Grieves wedding 083

The cake above is a groom’s cake.  Can you guess his occupation?

2012-05-12 20120512 Emerson Porter 001

2012-05-19 Lafrenz Neff Wedding 038

2012-05-27 Dunn Loger Wedding 012

2012-06-02 Frank Kranovich Wedding 022

2012-06-09 Pryor McGee Wedding 016

The above cake was accented with pin spot lighting from Exceptional Events.

2012-06-16 Romero McKee Wedding 024

I believe that the cake above is one of the biggest I have ever seen!

2012-06-30 Blaser Svendsen Wedding 014

2012-07-21 Laud Reception 010

2012-08-04 Chicago Wedding 005

2012-08-11 008

2012-08-18 125

2012-09-01 Swanson Coussens Wedding 002

2012-09-08 Vermost Lynch Wedding 012

2012-09-15 McMullen Beverage Wedding 004

2012-09-22 Roush Sullivan Wedding 004

2012-09-29 Chickris Bollaert Wedding 001

2012-09-30 Wooley Kucharo Wedding 003

2012-10-06 Summers Lewis Wedding 051

2012-10-06 Summers Lewis Wedding 054

Sweets tables (above) are standard fare in Chicago, and they are becoming more popular here.  I like sweets tables because of the wide selection presented.  It’s fun to make choices.

2012-10-13 Luxmore Barnett Wedding 005

2012-10-13 Luxmore Barnett Wedding 015

Sheet cakes (above) were all different flavors.

2012-11-03 Stevens Burns Wedding 004

2012-11-24 Seaba Harden Wedding 019

Don’t forget to leave comments if you need contact info for any of the above cake creators.  Thanks!

In Celebration of Sugar

I really love wedding cakes! They taste great, especially the corner pieces where all the frosting converges into a big gooey glob of pure sugar. White, Almond, Chocolate, Red Velvet – bring ‘em on!

I got my first digital camera in 2003. It was then that I started snapping a picture of the wedding cake at every wedding reception that I emceed. Don’t know why I did that but clearly I now have a lot of pictures of wedding cakes. I should probably also mention that I have sampled each and every one of these cakes over the years. That’s a lot of cake.

A Yummy Cake from 2004


Everything changes,

Lots Of Tiers and Stairs - Summer 2004

including the time-honored wedding pastry. Some of the cakes that seemed perfectly normal in 2003 would look a little out of place at today’s elegant receptions. I’m talking about those big multi-tiered cakes with the fountains, stairs and interstate highways between the tiers. These cakes seem to have gone to the same place that analog television has gone.

I dug a few pictures out of the archives and thought I would start sharing some of them here. In future articles we’ll also be looking at more of the best cakes I’ve seen (or should say, tasted) over the years.

A Typical Tiered Cake 'Circa 2004

The most interesting sugary creations from 2003 and 2004 are here. If you are a cake professional reading this article please feel free to chime in on the comments section. It would be interesting to get a professional cake creator’s insight.

An Architectural Masterpiece!


Multi-Tiered Cake With An Autumn Theme

Typical Multi-Tier Cake from 2003

Autumn 2004 Cake With An Amazing Flower Display

A Winter 2004 Wedding Cake With A Christmas Gift Look